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Psychotherapy is a confidential interpersonal relationship formed between a mental health professional and a patient. In this setting issues are addressed related to a person’s level of functioning internally (way of thinking) and externally (how they react to the environment). In treatment, patients are able to talk with someone privately who is unbiased and that provides an objective point of view to their pending circumstance and assists them with problem resolution. Psychotherapy supports people with getting in touch with and their inner most feelings and learning how to communicate it more effectively, so that they improve relationships with others in their life (family/work/friends/school). This form of treatment can be performed one on one, with groups, couples and/or families.

Individual psychotherapy is provided to adolescents and adults. Additionally, couples counseling and family therapy is also available. The primary mode of treatment is through behavioral and cognitive therapy models. Psychiatric referrals are available upon request.

Some Areas that Psychotherapy Assists:



Adjustment Disorder:

Personality Disorder:

Bipolar Disorder:

Serious Medical Problems/Chronic Conditions:

Employment Issues/Career Choices:

Having a Child with Special Needs (mental/emotional/behavioral/medical):

Couples Counseling:

Self Esteem Building:

Addictions (Alcohol, Substance Abuse, and Smoking, Over Eating):

Techniques Available Include:

1) Learning to communicate more effectively.

2) Developing problem solving skills.

3) Promoting organization.

4) Improving interpersonal skills.

5) Managing daily and sudden life stress.

6) Verbalizing your feelings.

7) Increasing your self esteem.

8) Being in tune to your feelings.

9) Setting and achieving short and long term goals.

10) Maintaining boundaries and setting limits.